Forgiveness – the Key to Inner Peace


With or without any religious association, forgiveness is said to be the key to inner peace. Bearing a grudge or harboring bitterness in one’s heart for a fault committed by another is one of the reasons for the elusiveness of peace. The failure or rejection of forgiveness is also known to wreck havoc on the […]

The Philosophy Behind Music

Synergies of the Mind

Nothing touches the basic emotions of man more than music. It is able to transcend the many obstacles of language, meaning, and cultural differences. Music as a philosophical study has actual relation to aesthetics and metaphysics. But more than this complicated aspect is the effect music has on everyday living.

What is Your Political Philosophy?

White greek columns.

A person’s political philosophy is said to be his or her views about such topics as liberty, law, property, justice, and the like.   Many have strong political philosophies in life and are quite vocal about it while some choose to keep mum and quiet.  This doesn’t mean however that the quiet ones do not […]