Marriage Philosophy

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Marriage is entered into by two people for varied reasons but the most common are the desire to commit exclusively to one person and the desire to create a family with children.  The arrangement is deemed beneficial to couples and the resulting offspring since marriage provides for the mechanisms and the processes within which partners and children can function effectively as a unit of society.  However, most couples enter marriage with two entirely different marriage values and philosophy.

A marriage philosophy can be developed from a person’s exposure to the marriage set-up of his/her own parents.  Like it or not, the parents’ marriage or at least how it appears to be can affect how children develop their own idea of marriage.  Society and the surrounding environment also plays a big role in the formation of values and beliefs.

Marriage essentially requires commitment to work but the level of commitment will vary depending on the importance placed by each individual on marriage.  Some see marriage as an absolute commitment while others view it simply as a means to achieve other goals in life.  The lesser the commitment, the easier it is for partners to part ways.

The high rate of divorce and marital separation that has been observed in many parts of the world will reveal the decrease in the level of value placed on marriage.  Even countries who have very strong marriage traditions against separation in place are unable to prevent it from happening.  This simply underlies the fact that two people will only stick together if they so do wish.  When marriage philosophy is founded on true commitment and acceptance of the accompanying responsibilities, couples usually have more chances of surviving together.


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