Motherhood Philosophy

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  Motherhood is said to be the beginning of wisdom for a woman.  A woman does not know how unknowing she is of life until a child’s life is put into her hands.  This is true both for biological and non-biological mothers. Motherhood is such a big responsibility that it would be impossible to perform […]

Philosophy Towards Work

Image: careerealism Do you belief that the results we reap from our work is directly affected by our attitude towards it?  The work environment is characterized by challenges, competition, failures, and successes. Whether the outcome becomes a success or failure, would depend on the personal philosophy of a person. A person with a good work […]

Leadership Philosophy

Image: scottcochrane A person who exerts considerable social influence on others towards the accomplishment of specific tasks is said to be a leader.   Leadership need not come with an official title although people who hold high titular positions are expected to be leaders and have leadership qualities. There are the so-called born leaders who are […]

Marriage Philosophy

Image: divorce360 Marriage is entered into by two people for varied reasons but the most common are the desire to commit exclusively to one person and the desire to create a family with children.  The arrangement is deemed beneficial to couples and the resulting offspring since marriage provides for the mechanisms and the processes within which partners […]