What You Need to Know about Chakras

The word chakra originally came from Hindu texts which spoke about tantric traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism. The word was derived from In Sanskrit it means “wheel” or “turning” in Hindi. They are thought of as “wheel like vortices which can be found in the various points of the body of living things. They are seen as “force centers” that are filled with energy. Human bodies for example hold hundreds of these.

However, there are seven major energy centers which function as transmitters, receivers as well as processors of life energies. Every single point relays to our levels of consciousness. The different types of energies -physical, spiritual, emotional and mental all have distinct traits correspond to their respective functions, their connection to the many glands of the body’s endocrine system and the seven colors of the rainbow. These forces form a network within the body, mind and spirit which interrelates as a holistic system.

Understanding the various chakras enable us to understand ourselves and make use of these to build harmonious relationships and improve our selves including our physical and spiritual relationships. In a way they function as entrances where emotions flow into so that they are felt and expressed. The beliefs and attitudes we have created in our minds run through these chakras and then they are scattered to our organs and even the cells and tissues that comprise them.

Knowing how these influence our bodies and minds enable us to make better choices and decisions which are based on balance and awareness instead of running like a headless chicken when we are affected or swayed by forces we cannot control.


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