The Philosophy of Wise Investing in Crisis

These months are not really the best time to consider investing anything at all. But while that is a simple hearsay, would you pass up the opportunity to buy certain stocks such as General Motors being priced at outrageously low ones today? For sure there are a lot of stocks that are worthy to invest in but apparently, investors are still waiting for the right time.

Waiting is a strong word. Up to when will you wait? The crazy prices that they are right now are bound to increase at some point and hence, the philosophy or proper reading of stock market trends has to be done. Not all people can do this alone. You still need the aid of an actual broker to help guide you in buying the right shares. But where can you find the trusty brokers who seem hell bent to close sales and make sure that they are liquid as well.

The philosophical advantage of it all is that today is a point where you may no longer trust anyone but yourself. You have the cash reserves to invest but apparently want to avoid to let go unless you are sure a definite trend of better things to come suffices.

There are irregular spikes today but they are still inconsistent. If you were to invest today, it would be best to scale your cash on hand. Do not invest it all and only consider investing if you have money to spare. It is the best you can do if you want to end up with a win-win situation.


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